Jun. 19.

3rd Cyprus International Zouk’n’Holidays Congress – October 6-8, 2017

The biggest Zouk event in Cyprus! Do not miss a chance to extend your Summer, learn and dance with the best Zouk/Kizomba/West Coast Swing teachers, artists and dancers from around the world! Three days of workshops, five crazy parties, Jack & Jill competition, activities and fun!

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Confirmed artists: Bruno Galhardo (Brazil), Alex de Carvalho & Mathilde dos Santos (France), Sara Lopes & Junior Sousa (Spain), Xandy Liberato (Spain), Dadinho & Evellyn (Brazil), Jakub Jakoubek & Lucia Kubasova (Czech Republic), Kraken Andopé & Artül Andopé (UAE), Olgierd Skibski and Weronika Skibska (Poland), Taty Pinarina & Yury Ovchinnikov (Russia), Christos Shakallis (Cyprus), Alexander Levchuk & Anna Galenda (Ukraine), Petter Nøding (Norway), Abdel Zouk (Germany), Daniel & Rafaella (Cyprus)

DJs line-up: Nyx Znl (USA), DJ Vera (Poland), DJ Kraken (UAE), DJ Viking Zoukero (Norway), DJ D (Cyprus), DJ Zen (Cyprus).

More artists and DJs to be confirm! So, stay tuned!

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