ZoukKiss Cyprus

Learn and dance Brazilian Zouk in Cyprus!

“ZOUKing with starts” program and prices



Wednesday, 2nd July – “Styling day”:

  • Men styling with Bruno Galhardo – Studio 1, 8:00-9:00PM (studio MooN)
  • Woman styling with Eglantine Oliveira – Studio 2, 8:00-9:00PM (studio MooN)
  • Food and Zouk at El Beso Tapas Bar

Thursday, 3rd July:

  • Private classes
  • Beginners class in Kingston – 8:30-9:30PM (to be confirmed by attendance)
  • Zouk Party at Kingston Town – 9:30-11:00PM

Friday, 4th July – Zouk Combinations workshop 1 in studio MooN:

  • Group 1 – 8:00-9:00PM
  • Group 2 – 9:15-10:15PM

Saturday, 5th July – Zouk Combinations workshop 2 in studio MooN:

  • Group 1 – 12:00-13:00PM
  • Group 2 – 13:15-14:15PM

Sunday, 6th July:

  • Private classes
  • Boat Party with special guests Bruno Galhardo & Eglantine Oliveira (open bar + snacks) – 7:00-9:00PM (boat starts from the New Port with boarding time at 6:30PM)

Please note, private class can be booked only if you registered with Full pass or 4 hours of workshops! Private classes should be booked in advance + 10 or 15 EUR rent for studio. Ask for more details and booking Sofia Andreadou (info@cyprus-zouk.com)

Prices and packages

Package Price (EUR)
Full pass for event (Styling Class + Group Classes + Boat Party) 75
1 class (Styling class only) 30
Group Classes (2 hours) 55
Boat Party only (open bar + Bruno & Eglantine show) 30

Groups definitions

Group 1

Attendants that come to this group (no matter how long they are dancing) must reach certain experience and easy follow/lead basics and complicated things etc.

Group 2

Attendants that come to this group (no matter how long they are dancing) should easy follow/lead certain basic.


For more information please send email to info@cyprus-zouk.com or leave comment at the Facebook even.

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