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Feb. 03.

Dancing Zouk Geeks Party!

For all zouk lovers in Cyprus! Get ready for special addition zouk party “Dancing Zouk Geeks” on February 23 at Nags Head Pub in Limassol. Special guests Leo and Becky Neves (Brazil)! It’s going to be real fun. Don’t believe? Come and check it out! All additional information and updates will be posted on our web site. So, stay tune and see you there! Don’t forget the dress code – geek!


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Jan. 23.

Zouk Happy Hour @7Seas

Every Tuesday in 7Seas club, Columbia plaza, Limassol we are offering to all zouk and kizomba dancers Zouk Happy hour from 9.30-11.00 pm before Latin program starts. Join us and dance with us! See you there!


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Jan. 23.

Zouk party in Kingston Downtown (ex Oxo)

Tonight and every Thursday let’s dance zouk in Kingston Downtown (ex Oxo)! Music starts from 9:30 PM till 11:00 PM! Come and bring your friends for drinks and dance with us!

Photography by @[18227790730:I AM VIP] ® | © All rights reserved.

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Oct. 24.

Halloween Brazilian Night


Zoukkiss Cyprus inviting zouk lovers and all students and dancers of zouk to spend with us “horribly great” Brazilian night at Nags Head pub, to enjoy great meals and drink and dance all night long. With special guests Mafie Zouker NeoZouk and Kamacho Camacho. Dress code: Halloween costumes. For reservation call 25318277. See you there on Sunday, 27 at 10:00 PM!

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Oct. 22.

Zouk Happy Hour in 7seas

Tonight Zouk Happy Hour in 7seas! It’s starting from 9.00 PM till 10.30 PM and after 10.30 PM they open for you, zouk dancers, the second venue at the same floor. So you can enjoy zouk in one venue and salsa in other venue. Music till late. Come and bring your friends!

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