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Apr. 30.

New album by DJ Kakah is out!


Good news for all fans of DJ Kakah – she released recently her new album called Zouk Senses. Preview of the album and link to buy can be found on the artist’s website.

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Dec. 30.

DJ Kakah preview of her new CD

Dj Kakah – 4 New Me (Preview 2016) by Dj Kakah Znl Pro on Mixcloud

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Jun. 08.

Dj Kakah – One Last Time Feat. Ariana Grande (Preview)

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Mar. 19.

Dj Kakah – Heart-Shaped Box feat. Ásgeir

New amazing song by DJ Kakah! Sensual but with enough power to burn dancefloor! Tonight you’ll feel it!

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Mar. 09.

Kadu Pires & Larissa Thayne demo and new track by DJ Kakah!

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