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Sep. 03.

New schedule of Zoukkiss classes


New schedule of Zoukkiss classes is available now! Check it and come to learn on of the most sensitive and popular dance in the world – Brazilian Zouk! For more info please use contact form on our web site. See you in the class!

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Sep. 26.

Zouk party @OXO


Tonight a Zouk party @OXO! Music starts at 9:00 PM. Come with friends to dance the hottest latina dance!

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Sep. 20.

Kamacho & Marta @Nags Head

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Sep. 13.

Zouk open class and party @7Seas

Soon new beginner open class with famous Brazilian dancer Kamacho Camacho is coming up in October @7Seas and after Zouk party! Since October, Bellini will be closing for winter and we can do Zouk @7Seas. Here is an even in Facebook. So, please, come, invite your friends and share it! Let’s worm up cold October’s nights by dancing hot Brazilian Zouk!


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Sep. 12.

Zouk night @ Oxo

Tonight Zouk open class with Kamacho 8.30-9.30 PM @OXO. After – party till 11.00 PM. Nice music and atmosphere! Come and bring your friends!

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