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Mar. 11.

Original vs remix: Rihanna – What’s My Name?

Rihanna’s song is nice dance RNB tune:

Hobbie Stuart’s guitar version is lyrical and good for sensitive Zouk dance:

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Feb. 28.

Remix vs Original: Dj Kakah – What Is Love

Jaymes Young – What Is Love (Haddaway Cover):

Dj Kakah Zouk remix What Is Love (2014):

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Feb. 25.

Remix vs Original: Adele – Rolling in the Deep

Original song by Adele is quite fast and energetic:

This cover in absolutely opposite to original and it’s sensitive and lyrical:

I like when the cover changes original song completely and not just copy it in another voice. And look how Leo and Becky Neves dance! They’re amazing!

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Jan. 31.

Remix vs Original: DJ Cronus – Runaway

Downtempo song iiO – Runaway

was transformed to dynamic zouk dance remix by DJ Cronus:

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Jan. 30.

Remix vs original: Lord Feifer – Come home

Polished Chrome – Come home is chillout song with slow beat a bit:

Lord Feifer made it more dynamic and appropriate for zouk dance:


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