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Sep. 10.

Zouk philosophy: respect your partner!

I believe the first what teachers have to do before to start teach students basics in any social dance is how to behave, how to invite and how to respect your partner on the dance floor, ethic and rules of social dance. People have to remember about that Dance is not only “movements in action” and not only “body connection”. Dance is conversation and connections of two spirits that feel the music the same way! If you only think about how you look on public and if you look impressive enough for show off your ego, but you don’t think about your partner image or about her/his personal conditions at that time, that’s not good at all and it just will make your leader image more negative.

Leader always have to be adopted to the level or health condition of the follower he choose to dance for the 3-4 min song. Purpose of social dance is to enjoy and feel comfortable. Leaders when they start learn how to dance and lead, have to remember that each lady (follower) has her individuality as physical (body shape, weight, height, flexibility etc) and also psychological (she can be shy, or not so free with her expressions of movements, she can be stressed or not so confident and all she needs is just few nice words or friendly smile to relax and start follow good). Not all ladies dancers have ballet or other kind of dance back grounds. As not all leaders have knowledge of anatomy or leading technique to perform perfect. Be supportive and patient.

When we watch professional dancers shows or demo we all impressed by their movements and musicality. Of course ! Is so challenging for us to become at least something closer to that perfection. Don’t forget to look perfect they polish and repeat their choreo 100 times, they injured, trained and practiced over and over again. So effect is obvious. But it cannot show full success of the dancer. Full success of the dancer is not in his show. Is in his social dancing. When he/she dance smooth and easy with unknown person that he never practice with, that looks just breathtaking.


Jun. 04.

Brazilian Boat Dancing Party


ZoukKiss proudly presents! At July 6 the first BRAZILIAN DANCE BOAT PARTY of the season! Special guests Bruno Galhardo and Eglantine Oliveira! Let’s dance and have great time on one of the biggest, newsiest and luxury boat in Limassol! The best and latest Zouk, Samba, Kizomba and RnB hits by DJ ZEN!

Departure time at 7:00PM, July 6 from the New Port (boarding time starts from 18:30PM) and duration is approximately 3 hours. Price is 30EUR including open bar and light snacks! For reservations and tickets please call 70000207 or send email to!

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Jun. 03.

“ZOUKing with starts” with BRUNO and EGLANTINE (Brazil)


Do not miss coming great Zouk event in Limassol, Cyprus, July 1-6! ZoukKiss proudly presents “ZOUKing with starts” with amazing Bruno Galhardo and Eglantine Oliveira from Sao Paolo, Brazil! Program includes master classes, technique tips, new style combinations, musicality and moves to impress, special course for ladies by Eglantine and, of course, parties! More details will be posted soon. So, stay tune!

Event program and prices can be found here. Don’t miss this!

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May. 03.

Xandy Liberato & Evelyn Magyari ” Zouk Art movement” workshops in Cyprus

Xandy and Evelyn will be in Limassol, Cyprus from 13-15 of September 2014! Do not miss the opportunity to see the great dancers and teachers in sunny Cyprus! Check the event in Facebook and program for more information.

Xandy Liberato from Brazil & Evelyn Magyari from the Netherlands are teachers, dancers and choreographers specialized in Brazilian dance. Nowadays they spend their time traveling around the world teaching workshops and performing in different festivals.
The zouk classes given by Xandy Liberato & Evelyn Magyari are for intermediate and advanced students alike. Their main goal is to work on the interpretation of the different zouk styles. They take their inspiration from contemporary dance techniques such as contact improvisation, circle movements, body movements in the shape of the number 8 developed by Jose Lion, centripetal and centrifuge strength, etc. They aim to broaden your musical, physical and anatomical knowledge to give you a better interpretation of the zouk dance. Following this structure, they allow the students to open a window of possibilities that will help them to investigate their own movement and to learn the natural journey of their own bodies. At present, Xandy & Evelyn are based in Valencia (Spain) where they develop their zouk style together” At moment they both representing ” Liberato Art Movement ” a Company specialized in the Brazilian Culture dances mixing with the contemporary dance.

Xandy and Evelyn will be in Limassol, Cyprus from 13-15 of September 2014! Do not miss the opportunity to see the great dancers and teachers in sunny Cyprus! Check the event in Facebook and program for more information.

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Mar. 18.

CaLaDo – Clarity

It looks like we’ll have plenty new songs and remixes on the 5th Prague Zouk Congress! DJ Kakah, Brandon ZK, Allan Z and now CaLaDo with his new remix!

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