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ZoukKiss Cyprus 2013 Birthday @7Seas

It was good party last week when we celebrate a one year of ZoukKiss Cyprus! Many thanks to Sofia Andreadou, Mafie Zouker NeoZouk, Kamacho Camacho and all zouk lovers who came and danced with us! Here is a set of photos to remind you that good event 🙂 You may also see those photos on our Flickr album.

Happy Birthday, ZoukKiss Cyprus!

Tonight let’s celebrate the first birthday of ZoukKiss Cyprus! The party starts 9:00 PM till 10:30 PM in the 7seas club and will continue in the venue 2 till late with our special guests Mafie Zouker NeoZouk and Kamacho Camacho! Music by Zouk remix producer Mafie Zouker NeoZouk! Come and bring your friends!

Zouk Happy Hour in 7seas

Tonight Zouk Happy Hour in 7seas! It’s starting from 9.00 PM till 10.30 PM and after 10.30 PM they open for you, zouk dancers, the second venue at the same floor. So you can enjoy zouk in one venue and salsa in other venue. Music till late. Come and bring your friends!