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Apr. 25.

Do not stop improve your basic!


Very good article about the benefits of improving basic even for experienced Zouk dancers:

They are also basic in the sense that they are fundamental. This means that they are the foundation on which the whole of your dance rests. If your basics are good, it makes the whole of your dance look and feel better, no matter how many advanced movements you do. If your basics suck, your dance will also suck no matter how many fancy new combinations you learn.

So, participate beginners classes and polish your basic to build complicated moves on the good foundation!

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Apr. 22.

Denis Graça – Self Made [2014]

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Mar. 01.

Zouk Passion with Leo & Becky Neves. Improvers class.

Some of the best moments of workshop with great Zouk couple Leonardo and Becky Neves. Amazing atmosphere, positive energy and awesome knowledge!


Zouk Passion with Leo & Becky Neves. Improvers class., a set on Flickr. Photos made by Filippos Konstantinidis.

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Feb. 22.

Leo & Becky Neves workshops in Limassol: demo 1

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Jan. 23.

Carioca Brazilian II International Dance Congress


This summer we prepare for you the real BRAZILIAN CARNIVAL with amazing mix of dance styles and high level artists from all over the world. 12th – 16th of June Rio-de-Janeiro moves to Russia, St. Petersburg! Don’t miss it! More details in the web site.

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